Lost in Rio: Nossa Senhora

Nossa Senhora Backline Costume - $875EC ($322USD)
Includes: Backline Bodywear (Monokini), Cuffs, Thigh Strap
Small Feathered Foot Pieces, Tiara, small feathered backpack
Free Stockings, Free pasties
Switch to Large Head Piece ($215EC/ $80USD)
Switch to Whole swimsuit ($75EC / $28USD)


 Nossa Senhora Frontline Costume - $1695EC ($624USD)
Includes: Frontline Bodywear (Wire Bra and panty), large feathered Foot Pieces
Hand pieces, Tiara or Feathered Headpiece, Large feathered Backpack
Free stockings, Free Pasties
Switch to Backline swimsuit or whole piece.

*Whole swimsuit comes with necklace


Nossa Senhora Male Costume - $675EC ($248USD)
Includes: Shorts, Shirt, Chest piece, Belt, Arm pieces, Leg Pieces, Head Piece
*Capris option available

Designed by: Nakita Hyatali

Photographed by:
Maxin Browne  and Scully Photography

download female form

download male form