The Sections

Indulge in the pulsating rhythms of Vincy’s best soca music while adorned in the sexiest costume to ever grace the street for Vincy Mas 2017! The streets of Kingstown will succumb to the vibrant colors and flavor of Brazil through the explorer’s story depicted by two of the Caribbean’s top designers’ interpretation of her journey through Rio de Janeiro.  



    Inspired by the Favelas or Shanty towns located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Their beauty, Brazilian Flare and bright colors are home of some of Brazil's largest samba schools! 

    Samba Na Lapa

    The vibrant colors of the staircase in Lapa makes dancing the samba even more exciting!

    Nossa Senhora

    Noosa Senhora represents the royal and majestic splendor of the Our Lady of Aparecida's white and gold composite.   

    Nightfall On Copacabana

    Nightfall on Copacabana is a representation of the vibrant nightlife of Rio, the skylines, and the lights that dance on the shores of one of the world's most famous beaches!


    The eccentric and modern architecture of the Catedral Metropolitano is the largest cathedral in the Americas! Her beauty is represented in Metropolitano!


The Road Experience

We treasure your road experience. 

Intricately designed Oxygen Costume

Oxygen mug

Oxygen bag full of goodies

Top local and international djs including DJ C-Four, Team Energy Overload, Scratch Master, Tony X & Back 2 Basics, EZ Sounds, Redy Mix DMT and more!

Seated Indoor Breakfast sponsored by Bonadie’s Supermarket #1

Seated Indoor Lunch

Snacks on the road catered by the Salad Shop

Nonstop flow of Premium liquor including Hennessy, El Dorado, Johnny Walker Black, Baileys, Absolut Vodka and lots more!

Large effective Security team

Mobile restrooms

Roaming photographers including VIP PIX, E/mages Photography, Boss RAW, Specs Aerial

Drink runners

Surprise live performances

Wicked road experience & Nonstop vibes all day long!

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