The Greek people created colorful mythological narrative of the life of gods, goddesses and heroes.
This peculiar kind of folklore was termed myths. 
Merging the memories of the distant past and poetic fiction of myth, for Vincy Mas 2019, Oxygen Mas Band’s representation of
Treasures of the sea is our interpretation of the Greek stories about the world’s creation and the human race,
based on the various sea myths of Greek mythology.
The best stories, however, are the treasures, that we spend our lives searching for in the name of glory, honor, and adventure.

Mythology is an amazing phenomenon.

Within it there are endless mysteries surrounding stories of myths;  Poseidon ruler of the seas and his love for Amphrite;  Thetis Goddess of Water dominating the arena, where Sirens, Purple Sea dragons and Cacelia flourish and Yemaya Goddess of the fishes with her love for her children that is limitless, offering comfort and inspiration to many as their stories seep into our common perception of culture through imagination

Amphitrite and Poseidon




Purple Sea Dragon